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Sandy Hook Uni

Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook is located on a barrier beach peninsula on the Northeast tip of the New Jersey shore. Located at the entrance of New York Harbor it had significant importance in coastal defense throughout history. Sandy Hook's unique location and history allows visitors to engage in a variety of recreational activities and in turn allows for unique filming opportunities. Visitors enjoy beaches, hiking trails, fishing, camping, biking, walking and/or running on the multi-use path, boating, picnicking, and visiting historic Fort Hancock. 

This website is for those who wish to conduct commercial filming within Gateway, Sandy Hook and provides different location ideas. Commercial film and still photography within a National Park requires approval in the form of a Special Use Permit. If you wish to film or take photos within a National Park and you are using models and/or props, wish to access a closed area, and/or the film or photos will be used to sell a product or are the product, a Special Use Permit is REQUIRED.